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Genesys Energy Solutions (formerly known as Genesys Generators) was established in 2012 to overcome the energy demand in the market by investing in those methods which were being used to generate energy and by introducing new innovative and cost-effective ideas to benefit their customers.

Genesys Energy Solution has a big market share in natural gas, diesel, and multi-fuel stand by and prime power generators for many years, along with that Genesys Energy solutions is also offering other cheaper eco-friendly and cost-effective methods of investing in energy sources and sectors mainly solar energy, biogas energy and wind energy to their customers all over Pakistan.

Moreover, we are symbolized as a company dedicated to offering high-quality products and innovative engineering solutions with the help of the team of our engineers, other technical staff, and a well-equipped Lab

Our company is always determined to provide excellent after-sales services, customer support, the value of money to their customers and built a strong relation with the customers.


Our vision is to provide easy, ecofriendly and economical access of energy to people across the globe and make their lives better.


To shift our existing and potential customers to the best and suitable energy solutions by offering reliable and efficient standby generators, solar systems, and other alternate energy sources like wind energy and bio-gas.

Our Products

Genesys Energy Solutions provides Reliable,  economical, large-scale, small-scale solutions for residential, commercial, and business sectors both off-grid and on-grid.

On-Grid/Tied Solar Solutions

We offer on grid or grid-tie solar system which Is the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. The main concept behind installing on-grid system is to minimize electric cost which is the main concern for every consumer in Pakistani market where electricity is expensive .

Off-grid Solar Solutions

We offer Off grid solar system to our customers which does not have grid connectivity. Therefore it requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed appropriately so that they will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the home’s requirements,

renewable Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solar systems generate power in the same way as grid-tie solar systems but in hybrid systems batteries are added to energy storage. During the day time when solar is running electrical appliances along with that batteries are also being charged as a backup which can be used after day time or can be used as a backup for electric shutdown same as UPS

Natural Gas Generators

We are manufacturing multi fuel generators in open type and sound proof canopy since 2012. Genesys has a large market share in domestic and commercial market because of good quality and service. The USP for our generators is they are water cooled and run on 1500 RPM which is ideal for rigorous weather conditions in countries like Pakistan. Genesys generators are capable to work in 50°C temperature .

Diesel Generators

Genesys Energy Solutions provide diesel generator products for residential, industrial and commercial purpose users from 15 KVA to 1500KVA.

Portable Generators

Genesys Energy Solutions provide portal generator products for commercial and residential purpose users.

UPS Systems

We offer high-quality UPS of Liebert by Emerson Network Power and APC by Schneider Electric for industrial
and commercial clients with the highest quality and competitive price as compared to other brands in the market. Genesys Energy Solutions offers a complete range of 600 VA to 1 MW solutions for desktop, Banks, Offices, networks, data centers and industrial applications.

Our clients

Genesys Energy Solutions provides Reliable,  economical, large-scale, small-scale solutions for residential, commercial, and business sectors both off-grid and on-grid.

Our Services

Generators Services

Engine Overhaul & Alternator Repairing & winding

We have expertise in engine overhauling of all kinds of Diesel engines and we are specialists in Cummins and Perkins engine. We have a workshop facility where we overhaul two to three engines monthly.

Service , Engine & Electrical Part

We have a part shop with a complete stock of all kinds of parts which may require for the repairing and servicing of generators . This helps customers to access parts easily and all services regarding their generator under one roof.


A complete load testing is conducted at the installation site which includes offload test of DG set, engine safety monitoring, recording all engine and alternator parameters, vibration test, and finally engine Hz , volt, and RPM test on load and without load.

Operator Guidance & Training

The demonstration is given to the operator for shutdown and turnon producers and parameters monitoring through the module.

After Sales Service

Providing the best after-sales services is the backbone of our business. We have an efficient backup technical support team including service engineers, technicians, and mechanics to resolve technical issues and maintenance.


We never focus only on our company sales but we thrive to fulfill customer’s needs on optimum level for that reason understanding the demands and available resources of customers is very important. For that reason, our sales team provides services of load estimation, suggestion for Genset size, Placement of Genset, transport, and cabling drawing.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We furnish annual maintenance contract with our clients to maintain there gensets timely and professionally. This contract is made to ensure trouble-free performance and operation of generators. A periodic visit plan is maintained in this contract in which technical team performs a complete checkup of all parameters along with oil and filters change if due. We are providing services to more than 400 customers through annual maintenance contract even after the expiry of their warranty period.


We take responsibility for civil works (plinthing according to approved plan), laying cables, installing Auto Transfer Switch, Gas connections, installing gas pressure regulators and pressure gauges , diesel storage, exhaust pipe extension, and earthing

solar Solutions Services

Design and Evaluation

We offer turnkey services in solar energy which starts with the site survey and evaluation then economic assessment is done and return on investment is determined. Then installation process is discussed and shared with client according to the requirement


Providing efficient backup is our core value. We have a technical team for repair and maintenance and all our projects are monitored by our engineers on a regular basis to ensure that system performance is maximized and shutdowns are minimized.

Installation & Implementation

Our end-to-end process is conducted under the monitoring of professional engineers. We are partner with world-leading brands in PC and inverters and handle everything professionally from the transport of material to installation and execution followed by feed-in tariff process. At the end of the project, pilot testing is done to ensure the productivity of the project to the client.

Pre Project Services

As we reach towards deal dinalization we provide financial modeling, tariff analysis, obtaining permission from government authorities, net metering services and financial assistance from banks.

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Why Choose Us

Genesys Energy Solutions have become the leading energy company in Pakistan by hiring the foremost qualified solar and generators professionals, and by providing award-winning customer service and the best efficient products to the purchasers.

Expert Engineers

Genesys Energy Solutions has the expert engineers team who provide the quality products and services.

Reliable Products

Genesys Energy Solutions has the variety of products that are reliable and trustable.

After Sales Service

Genesys Energy Solutions provides the best after sales service to enhance their trust and relation with the customer

Trusted Work

Genesys Energy Solutions provides the trusted work and our motto is attention to details.

What Our Customers Say

Genesys Energy Solutions is committed to providing the very best level of service to our customers – We’ve built our reputation there-on, and it’s what has made us a pacesetter in solar throughout Pakistan.

Read more from our happy customers, then call us to find out how we will assist you too!

I’ve been using Genesys Generator for 3 years now and other than minor repairs it’s been working fine. Happy with the purchase.
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Genesys Energy Solution consists of highly professional and exceptionally talented individuals having core expertise in their respective fields.

Engr. Nawaz Majeed

Executive Chairman

Ali Nawaz

Chief Executive Officer

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