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Renewable Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solar system generate the power in the same way as grid tie solar  system but in hybrid system batteries are added to energy storage .At the day time when solar is running electrical appliances along with that batteries are also being charged as a backup which can be used after day time or can be used as a backup for electric shutdown same as UPS.

As we know the term Hybrid is used when there are two sources, species or breeds combined to form a new product having combined characteristics therefore in the solar world when we have a system that has two sources solar and batteries connected to the grid is called Hybrid solar solution.

Benefits & Installation

The two main benefits of hybrid solar solution is it cut downs the electric cost and on the other hand it is a backup for electric shutdowns .

To install hybrid solar solution we need hybrid inverters and batteries our company Genesys Energy Solution maintains stocks of lithium ,lead acid and other deep cycle batteries and hybrid inverters for our projects and customers .

Genesys Energy solutions provide expert opinion on customer need analysis and design hybrid solutions in professional way .



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