About Us

Our Company

Genesys Energy Solutions is a sister company of Genesys Generators was established in 2012 to overcome the energy demand in the market by investing on those methods which were being used to generate energy and by introducing new innovative and cost effective ideas to benefit their customers.

Genesys Energy Solution has a big market share in natural gas, diesel and multi fuel stand by and prime power generators since many years, along with that Genesys Energy solutions is also offering other cheaper ecofriendly and cost effective methods of investing in energy sources and sectors mainly solar energy, bio gas energy and wind energy to their customers all over Pakistan.


Our vision is to provide easy, ecofriendly and economical access of energy to people across the globe and make their lives better.


To shift our existing and potential customers to the best and suitable energy solutions by offering reliable and efficient standby generators, solar systems, and other alternate energy sources like (wind energy and biogas).

Our Values


We take pride in providing excellent quality product to our customer. With all attributes which can help customer to make their daily life easier and hassle free.


Integrity is a basic policy pillar of this organization our whole business is based on honesty which helps us in making strong trusting relationship with employee’s customers and stake holders.

Respect And Value

We treat people as we expect to be treated. We deal our customer with respect and honors and keep this thing in our mind that “customer is always right”.


We believe in change and implementation new ideas within the organization to create good and healthy working environment.
We identify develop and deploy leading technology in our company’s production line and employ development program.

Meet The Team

Genesys Energy Solution consists of highly professional and exceptionally talented individuals having core expertise in their respective fields.


Executive Chairman

Engr Nawaz Majeed is a co-founder of Genesys Generators in 2013 after retirement from Punjab Univerity Lahore as a University Engineer Electrical. He joined Punjab University Lahore In 2010 prior to that he was working in KESC ltd (KARACHI ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORPORATION LIMITED) as a GM until 2009. He was appointed in KESC ltd In 1976 as an electrical engineer and served In different departments of transmission on and distribution of KESC ltd for 34 years. He graduated from UET Lahore in 1976.

Ali Nawaz

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ali Nawaz chief executive officer of Genesis Energy Solutions is a founder and owner of Genesis Generators which was founded in 2013 to cater the energy crises in Pakistani market by manufacturing and coupling Diesel and gas Generators. He has vast experience in assembling, sales and services of genets and conducting solar projects all over Pakistan.

Alternative energy especially solar energy is the area of his personal interest since he was a student in University and now looking upon the current energy crises and energy cost in Pakistan solar Is the only option that can overcome the consumer demand most efficiently.

As a successful entrepreneur he Is focusing on Implementing new ideas of renewable energy in domestic and commercial markets. Mr. All Nawaz did his bachelors In business administration (BBA) from PAK KIET University In 2012 and masters in business administration (MBA) In 2013 from PAK KIET University.