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On-Grid/Tied Solar Solutions​

We offer on grid or grid-tie solar system which Is the most common and widely used by homes and businesses.
The main concept behind installing on-grid system is to minimize electric cost which is the main concern for every consumer in Pakistani market where electricity is expensive .
These systems do not need batteries and use either solar inverters or micro-inverters and are connected to the public electricity grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid and you usually get paid a feed-in-tariff (FiT) or credits for the energy you export to the grid.
Excess solar energy runs through the meter, which calculates how much power you are either exporting or importing (purchasing).

Net Metering

In Net metering system the meter measures both production and export, and the consumer is charged (or credited) for net electricity used over a month.

Electricity that is sent to the grid from your solar system can then be used by other consumers on the grid (your neighbours). When your solar system is not operating, or you are using more electricity than your system is producing, you will start importing or consuming electricity from the grid.

Lower Electricity Bills​

Reduce your electricity bill expense by almost 90% with off-grid solar solutions. Genesys Energy Solutions Provides relaxation on your bill and on your mind.



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